Surveying Services

Title(Cadastral)  Boundary Surveys  also known as Boundary Surveys, Property Survey or Title Survey

It’s a common assumption that boundary fences are correctly located. It’s also a common oversight to go ahead without a title survey.  Fencing encroachments occur when fences are in the wrong positions. If this is the case they may adversely affect the ability to develop the land and potentially create grounds for litigation between neighbours.

The accurate definition of the title boundary of a property is fundamental to the protection of the rights of the property owner and to those of the adjoining neighbours. Almost every activity involving development on or near the title boundaries of a property should be preceded by a survey to define those boundaries on the ground and to identify any potential problems.

Our Cadastral Title Boundary Survey services include:

  • Preparation of title boundaries and reports for subdivisions
  • Lodgement of applications for Adverse Possession and Amendment of Title
  • Measurement of Retail, Building and Commercial property for Tenancy Areas
  • Interpretation of easements, covenants & restrictions and the creation, variation or removal of easements, covenants & restrictions

Feature Surveys

This type of survey shows the location of man-made and natural features on the land.  The information collected by a Feature Survey is utilised by Architects, Building Designers, Civil Engineers, Town Planners, Landscape Designers, Environment Engineers and others in the design and analysis of land for future developments.

Our Feature Survey services include:

  • Site context surveys to enable the design of single dwellings, multi-unit developments and subdivisions
  • Topographic surveys to locate natural and man made features that influence the use of the land

Engineering Surveys

This type of survey defines the position of complex architectural design to ensure construction matches the design plans.

Our Engineering Survey services include

  • Earthworks
  • Construction set out